Websites made to grow your business

A business’s online needs can be tough to maintain. That is where we step in. Build and maintain your online presence with Thoth Marketing.

Custom Built Websites

With custom-built websites, each project is tailored to every order without using a cookie-cutter layout. Our websites are built around content, giving them cleaner code, making them better formatted for search engine optimization. This makes the site faster and easier to find.


Why do you need a website?


Over 2.4 billion people use the internet everyday. With more and more businesses going online, an amazing website is a great way to give you a competitive edge.


Your brand is the face of your company, and a professional website leaves a strong impression of your brand while building credibility and trust.


By establishing an online presence, your brand becomes easier to discover. 81% of customers research the business online before they decide to make a purchase

Custom websites built with state of the art tools

What makes our websites a good investment?

With completely custom-built websites, your page will never be the same as another one. Our sites are formatted to be found easily on Google and have clean code to improve loading times. Your custom-built Thoth Marketing website will help your business grow and gain recognition.

In need of additional services?

Subscription plans

Standard billing, re-occurring payments for subscriptions, and autopay

Donor Portal

Help boost your fundraising needs with a powerful donor portal built into your website

Content Writing

Have our writers create engaging content on your website for your clients, paid per page

Events & Ticketing

Plan, share, and sell tickets to events directly through your website, for virtual and physical events


Show all of your events, synced to a google calendar, to show customers planned events 

Additional Pages

Add additional pages to your website if your business demands more than our packages

Lightning-fast hosting

53% of people click off your website if it does not load in under 3 seconds. However, with our fast web hosting and clean code, there’s no need to worry about people abandoning your site before they even get to see it.

Your website will be hosted on the same platform as Amazon, Netflix, and Airbnb

99.9% Uptime so outages are non-existent

Large bandwidth with hundreds of servers, allowing thousands of people to be on your site at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the project take?

Depending on the size, complexity, and features of the website, the times may vary. But the average time should be 2 to 10 weeks. With 2 weeks being a small easy website, and 10 weeks being a more demanding and complex online shop.

Do I have to create the content for my site?

You do not have to create content for your site, but you can if you want to. Our typewriters can create page content based on information provided by you and your team. The rate for our content writers is $60 per page, no matter how big

Can pages be added on later?

Yes, after the website goes live, you can always add on additional pages at any time, each additional page is $200, unless being used for e-commerce, then rates are subject to change.

How will I communicate with the team?

Once the project starts, you will be given the email of the main person building the website. For example {}, along with the project manager’s phone number. If none of these methods work, we can always arrange another method (expect morse code, we don’t do that.)

How will I be billed?

For the standard website, you will be billed when the project officially starts, you will be notified when the project is in motion

For hosting and support plans, you will not be billed until your website is officially hosted online with the permanent domain. (You will be notified of this as well)

Is support and hosting included?

Hosting and support plans are separate from the standard website packages. You can bundle support and hosting in with your website and just have all your online needs in one spot. You can view our hosting and support plans here

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